Cleaning aluminium window frames

Your aluminium window frames will begin to lose their shine over time. The windows will also develop a gray-brown cast over time and white spots from oxidation. The aluminium will not corrode further from the oxidation process, but it can still be very unsightly. Thorough cleaning is required to get the window frames sparkling clean again. Frames can be cleaned with both household and commercial cleaners. Here are some tips for cleaning aluminium window frames.

Aluminium start a window washing business frames should be cleaned differently to other types. These are some cleaning tips to consider:

White Vinegar
1. To remove dirt and debris from your window, use a nylon scrub brush.
2. 2. Combine equal amounts of white vinegar and water in a large bowl.
3. Use the water and vinegar solution to soak the scrub brush in the solution. Scrub the frames until any oxidation remains.
4. To brush the frames of your windows if the oxidation is not gone, you can use an stainless-steel wire toothbrush.
5. 5. Finally, rinse the window frame using water and dry the surface with a rag.

Citrus Cleaner

  1. Begin by cleaning the window frame with a nylon scrub-brush.
  2. Use water to clean the frame.
  3. Use a citrus cleaner on the brush.
  4. You can scrub the aluminium window frame until the oxidation is gone.
  5. Use a rag or clean water to rinse the fame.

Commercial Aluminium Cleaner

  1. Use a nylon scrub brush to remove any dirt from the aluminium frame. Be sure to read the safety instructions before you use the cleaner. You may need gloves or goggles.
  2. Spray the aluminium cleaner on a piece of cloth. To avoid any damage to your frame, make sure you follow the instructions and test it on a small area. Most cleaners need to be left on the stain for a while before they can be wiped away.
  3. You can remove the corrosion by cleaning the frame with a cloth or rag.
  4. Clean the window frame using clean water. Dry it with a towel.

Polishing Aluminium Frames

Once your frames have been cleaned and polished, it is time to shine the metal surface. You will only need to use lots of water and fine wool, but the entire polishing process can be quite time-consuming.

Bottom line

It can be difficult to keep aluminum looking spotless. But these tips will help you clean aluminum window frames. Keep in mind that aluminum that has been exposed to the elements for a prolonged time period will anodize. This is similar to rusting. It means that oxides can build up on the window frames’ surface making it duller and more difficult to polish. Squeegeezy can help you get rid of any oxide buildup on your window frames.

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