Vape Taste A Thousand and One

Just looking through an online list of many of the vape juice flavours makes it clear there must be over a thousand of them.

One site has around eight hundred of them and the names given to each one can be fairly amusing. But calling one of them mother’s milk seems a bit far-fetched.

After all, real mother’s milk is the very first nourishing liquid for most babies if they’re breast-fed. And even though vape, or e-cigs, is considered less harmful than tobacco products, there is still an argument that both certainly do not equate with healthy living.

To vape, has become a verb, as this form of smoking increases in popularity. It’s a known method of avoiding the addiction of tobacco that is expected to become an obsolete product during the lifetime of most of us.

The statistics show that during the nineteen sixties around 80% of young men in the UK smoked compared with less than a quarter of that number today. This is mostly because back then there were very few that knew the connection between smoking and serious health problems.

It’s tempting to add that doctors and other health workers knew about the connection between smoking tobacco and cancer but the fact is that medical people were some of the heaviest smokers.

vape liquid ukis still not something that should be encouraged for a teen that has never touched cigarettes. But is an excellent way for a heavy tobacco user to help ween off this expensive and damaging habit.

Conventional tobacco cigs are a daily habit for around 19% of the UK population today. This figure is nearly a third of the number of smokers in the late sixties.

E-cigs are enjoyed by around 2.2 million of the adult population in England and Wales and the vast majority claim it is their way of giving up tobacco.

E-cigs have only been around in the past decade so it has become one of the fastest growing products anywhere in the world. Clearly it’s not a good time to invest in tobacco leaf growers.

And yet, it should not be forgotten that e-juice does contain nicotine. It’s nicotine that gets people addicted to tobacco products and although the long term health issues connected with that product is known, E-juice has not been around long enough for any clear indications of the long term effects.

But it seems inconclusive now that tobacco is not the cause of cancer and respiratorydiseases but the chemicals that have been added. So the case for more natural and unadulterated juice is easier to make.

If you’re a conventional tobacco smoker and can’t kick the habit, then give e-juice a try. It’s easy enough to order all Premium E-Liquid products online and with such a vast mix of flavours, you have plenty to experiment with.

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