Eliminate The Filtration systems To be able to Experience Miracles

Miracles happen when we remove our filters to seeing the profound perfection of the universe. This shedding of old means of viewing life can happen suddenly as in a near death experience or kundalini awakening, or the veils can be lifted gradually over time as the in-patient embodies more of their soul’s wisdom. Miracles were once regarded as the domain of holy people or saints, now each people inside our everyday lives can witness and manifest miracles. This happens when we listen in to subtle energies like harmony, love and synchronicity. These frequencies usher miracles into our lives, homes and hearts. Once we are expressing ourselves in respect with your soul’s purpose, we become conduits for miracles that occurs simply because we’re aligned with them. We transfer of lack, limitation and struggle and instead are rewarded with having lives which are guided, blessed and serene.

So how exactly does one transition from seeing life through the filters of days gone by, where loss, pain and disappointment dwell and instead reside in the precious present moment where miracles reside? The first step is to genuinely want to be free. The path of the spiritual warrior is marked by way of a willingness to get the light no matter what life brings. There has to be a commitment to cultivate acceptance, faith and hope. These qualities are then coupled with courage, honesty and compassion to give one the fortitude to keep the course even when the going gets rough, for life will bring some obstacles upon our paths. Next we cultivate gratitude. By counting our blessings and seeing the wonder around us we reenter the current moment, leaving our woes behind. Practicing positivity in the midst of troubles can strengthen us to think that there is a divine order that is working out, even if we can’t presently perceive it. We learn how to let go and trust. Sometimes that is the better miracle there is.

Next we learn to simply accept that people aren’t victims of life but alternatively co-creators with lifeĀ acim apple podcast. We should become prepared to honestly look at our weakest aspects and take responsibility for our part inside our circumstances instead of blaming them on the universe. From the when I changed my prayers from “help me please to have what I need” to “Help me to see my life’s circumstances through my soul’s wisdom.” This simple lifting of the veil of my old thinking from self -centered “poor me” to instead saying “I’m a blessed unique part of a greater good that is unfolding exactly since it should and I’m grateful” has changed my whole life.

Sometimes in life we lose faith in a divine source and struggle just like a hiker in quicksand fighting to have out yet going ever deeper in to the darkness of despair. This fighting can happen with fears related to health, finances, relationship, work and disillusionment on our spiritual path. We forget we wish to be free, peaceful and happy and instead try to protect our perceived limitations, lack and struggles, holding those filters in place.

Once we are finally ready to choose freedom, we accept life since it is in this very moment, we open the doorway to miracles getting into our lives. We re- align ourselves with your souls, which dwell in eternity, limitlessness and peaceful and we know inside our hearts that people are guided, blessed and part of the profound perfection of life.

Liah Howard is a professional psychic/ channel, teacher of psychic development, radio show host, and writer.

Her psychic channeled readings illuminate and inspire. Her sessions address personal, professional, relationship, and spiritual issues. Liah appears as a featured guest on radio and television, writes for Maui Vision Magazine and The Center for World Networking magazine, and comes with an international clientele.

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