Best Sightseeing Tours in Beijing


Beijing may be the capital of the People’s Republic of China, probably the most populous country in the world. While you will find plenty of wonderful sightseeing opportunities in Beijing to keep even probably the most active traveler busy, it’s well worth embarking on a excursion or two to explore a number of the top attractions and popular things to complete away from city. Among the most popular day trips are the Beijing part of the Great Wall of China at Badaling Pass, and the beautiful grounds and temples of the aptly named Fragrant Hills Park. Another potential Beijing excursion includes the ancient Ming Dynasty tombs and the site where in actuality the famous prehistoric Peking Man was discovered.

The centre of the city and most significant landmark is Tiananmen Square in Dongcheng District. This is the world’s largest public square and is surrounded by grand buildings including the Great Hall of the People, the Museum of Chinese History, the Museum of the Chinese Revolution, the Qianmen Gate and the Forbidden City.

The town has  many green oases which are a wonderful break from walking over the constant boulevards and narrow hutongs. Locals similarly flock to Beijing’s palaces, temples and parks every time they have time. The green areas aren’t only useful for relaxing but additionally for sports, dancing, singing and general recreation. Forbidden City  is the main place Because it is one probably the most significant symbols that shows the culture of China. There are numerous other parks which are most famous Temple of Heaven is certainly one of them. Other best Parks includes Zhongshan Park, , Beihai Park, Chaoyang Park, Ritan Park and Beijing Zoo. Olympic Water Park is best for summers.

The town contains among the largest and most popular museums the world, the Palace Museum, also called the Forbidden City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. National Museum is one of the greatest known museums of the Beijing. You will find other museums contained in the city, Military Museum, Capital Museum and China Aviation Museum are hottest among all.

The town of beijing had stunning festivals and exibitions in various months and at unique places. Temple fair is an excellent choice to enjoy Spring Festival of Beijing. The Grand View Garden Fair is held each year during the Spring Festival. Music Festival held at various popular places such as for example Haidian Park and  Chaoyang Park. Additionally, there are many theaters and concert halls contained in the heart of Chine.

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