Power Supplies — Antec Trademark 850 Watt Power Supply.

As it pertains to building a new PC, be it for a server, media center or gaming machine, the ability supply is frequently overlooked, especially with the great number of more exotic components to consider (graphics, processor, mainboard, etc.). However, because it powers everything in your new machine, a well balanced and competent power supply is vital and can determine the stability and life of a system. Many lower range cases come with power supplies included, however, although these may be sufficient for low specification PCs, a better power supply should be found for whatever else, especially if you are apt to be running high spec graphics cards.

At the surface of the array of Antec’s power supplies comes the Antec Signature 850. It boasts features that aren’t generally for sale in a client power supply and are merely saved for the best. The Signature 850 features DC to DC voltage regulator modules which ensures greater system Antec Signature 850 2stability, and an 80mm Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) fan that may run around 50% quieter than standard fans. The Signature 850 has additionally passed 80 PLUSĀ® Bronze certification, a rare distinction in energy efficiency attained by not many other power supplies, which gives more than 82% efficiency and above at all loads.

As the name suggests the Antec Signature 850 is rated to 850W and can also be Nvidia SLI-Ready Certified, which makes it ideal for the lastest power-hungry graphics cards. The box is well finished in a black gloss with a straightforward ANTEC badge fixed to the top surface. Best psu for gaming Antec has provided a hybrid advanced cable management system, which effectively implies that the main cables required are hard-wired for better power transfer, including most peripheral cables, and there’s the possibility to incorporate further cables on the excess 12V rails to power Triple and Quad graphic card configurations.

Antec Signature 850 3The main thing you will notice about the Antec Signature 850 power supply is the weight, it certainly weighs a lot. As a result of heavier duty components and heat sinks, the ability supply weighs about 2.78 kg. The ability supply is made with high-quality Japanese fan and capacitors to make sure long-term reliability and the circuitry controlling the ability supply is set on two separate circuit boards orientated to handle one another with a large channel through the middle for improved airflow, and thus only 1 80mm cooling fan is required. The PSU fan features Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for whisper-quiet operation. The

To be able to ensure rock steady rails, the ability supply features DC to DC Voltage Regulator Modules ensure supreme system stability and built-in circuitry prevents damage resulting from short circuits (SCP), overvoltages (OVP), overpower (OPP), over-temperature (OTP), and over current (OCP). So this is the safety aspects covered.

We installed the ability supply within our test rig (Antec 1200, Abit IP35, Q9450, 4GB OCZ, ATi graphics (PCI-E)) and fired the device up, which worked as expected. To be able to test the PSU, we opted to conduct just a simple 1hr run using OCCT to load the CPU and monitor the 3.3V, 5V and 12V rails. As expected there was almost no variation in the voltages and the maximum ripple we observed was on the 3.3V at 0.02 (0.5%).

The Antec Signature 850W power supply is supreme quality and definitely among the best, if not the best in the 800w-900w power range and it even comes with Antec’s market-leading 5-year guarantee. It is certainly recommended for almost any top-end gaming machine or server where there’s the necessity for the extra power. Because the Antec comes with this type of strong power efficiency, it entails that one could eventually conserve money on top of that (and save the environment). If you’re able to afford it, buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

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