Two to three Purpose New Cars Trump Chosen

Purchasing a car is just a large investment, one which few people take lightly. Among the major decisions consumers must make, along side make, model, style, and color, is whether to buy new or used. Roughly 1.4 million new cars are sold in the United States every month. That equates to over 16 million a year. Here are three explanations why you should join the 16 million other new vehicle owners.

Period of Ownership

The common amount of ownership for a used auto in the United States is just a tad over four years. New cars generally last nearly six years or fifty percent longer. The longer you have something, the higher the value you get from your initial purchase. Furthermore, as you’ll read below, most warranties will cover repairs for some, if not absolutely all, of the six years. While buying new will surely cost more initially, you might wind up spending less as a result of increased amount of ownership.

Greater Assurance

Whenever you choose your automobile from a selection of new cars, you aren’t just purchasing a mode of transportation, you’re purchasing the assurance that no one else has driven it. While you will find services which exist that could tell a client if your used auto has been in an incident, they can’t tell you everything. They can’t tell you the last owner was a lead-footed teenager who liked to red line the engine at every green light. Or if the owner of that sports coupe was constantly late with oil changes, stressing the engine. Buying an undriven auto means you don’t have to deal with some of these potential issues average length of a car. They say you can’t buy satisfaction, but buying truck, sedan, or SUV with zero miles on the odometer sure helps.

Hassle Free

The image of working on your own automobile, with a package of beer or cola next for you, is a quintessential bit of Americana. However, the truth is that doing your personal repairs is time-consuming, costly, and hard to do. Many people aren’t qualified to fix a toaster, aside from an automobile. That’s why new cars have warranties. The forty-two largest manufacturers have average warranties that run for only over three and a half years. Many run for longer. Which means that once the weekend rolls around you won’t be stuck in the garage trying to decipher a how-to manual so you can fix a head gasket. If you have a problem, you’ll drop the car at the dealer, have a loaner, and not pick it up to it’s fixed again.

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